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  • Can CMG refer me to others that could help my business (e.g. billing companies, practice management consultants)?"
    Yes, we can refer you. We have a national network of strategic partners and would be happy to refer you to partners that could assist you with your other needs (e.g. billing, practice consulting or other need).
  • What geography does CMG serve?
    We are a U.S.-based, national credentialing group providing services to organizations across all 50 U.S. states.
  • What are CMGs reporting procedures?
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  • Does CMG offer any incentives or guarantees?
    Ethically, CMG will not provide any guarantees for any services controlled by other parties e.g. guaranteeing payor approval of an enrollment application, guaranteeing state board approval of a licensing application, or guaranteeing a hospital approving privileges. However, what we can do is guarantee our expertise and knowledge and our ability to expedite our own processes and procedures (including our timely and frequent follow up on projects that we manage for our clients).
  • What types of organizations does CMG serve?
    We serve a wide range of medical and behavioral groups from hospitals, urgent care centers, physician groups, MSOs and billing companies to large, national healthcare organizations that sell healthcare products and/or services. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us @ 202-804-5994 or
  • What are CMGs policies and procedures?
    As an established, national credentialing group we have policies and procedures in place to help us ensure consistency and quality in the services we deliver. As a company we: Uphold the highest of standards; Operate within all local, provincial and federal laws, rules, and regulations; Do not mislead or make false claims as to our abilities, background or experience; and Demonstrate a commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality of service and accuracy.
  • How does CMG protect my confidentiality?
    We take confidentiality seriously by ensuring: All information, documents and any written material received virtually, or in hard copy and received directly, or indirectly, will be kept in strict confidence; All names and personal information will not be distributed or sold to any other parties; All documents and email, both hard copy and electronic, will be properly maintained in a safe and secure environment to prevent theft or damage; All materials created electronically will be backed up on-site and a secondary back-up taken off site; and All hard copy materials provided by our clients will be returned, or shredded, if requested, after completion of our work.
  • What does CMG charge for its services?
    We offer competitive pricing for our services. Our pricing options include basic, standard and premium service level options. We also customize our pricing and service offering to meet your specific needs and budget. To find out more about CMG pricing that meets your needs, please contact us @ 202-804-5994 or
  • How much of the work would CMG do for my organization?
    We do everything but sign the paperwork for you. We can supplement the work your team is already doing or you can outsource 100% of the work to us. Let us grow with you!
  • How do we engage CMG to provide services to our organization?
    When you are ready to engage CMG we will take you through the following steps: Signing of a CMG services agreement; Scheduling of a “Kickoff Call” with CMG’s operations team to review, and agree upon, a defined scope of work; Working with you to gather information need to begin services; and Assigning a dedicated, CMG Medical Staff Coordinator to work with you.
  • What size organizations does CMG serve?
    We work with solo practitioners to large national groups.
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